September 22, 2016

Is Lost in the Moonlight (달빛궁궐) a rip off of Spirited Away?!

Today, Light's Camera, Asia brings you a look into a new animation film from South Korea that has been getting some heat for potentially ripping off the beloved 2001 Studio Ghibli classic, Spirited Away (千と千尋の神隠し).

We give you, Lost in the Moonlight (달빛궁궐), a new Korean animation film that was released in theatres at the beginning of this month. 

Though most of these negative allegations are coming from online sources who have only watched the trailer, it is hard to say if this film is really ripping off such a loved film. Director Kim Hyun Joo has been quoted saying that Lost in the Moonlight is nothing like Spirited Away, stating that it only seems that way from the trailer. 

 I have yet to find a review about the whole film, so in the movie's defense, you can't judge a book by it's trailer. 

Check out the stills from both films. Do you see a similarity?

The movie boasts a cast including Kim Seulgi (Oh My Ghost, Ode to My Father), Kwon Yool (The Admiral:Roaring Currents), and 2006 Miss Korea ,Lee Ha Nui (Modern Farmer). I mean look how adorable these promo photos are? 

In my opinion, I don't know if this film ripped off Spirited Away, or if it was just highly influenced by the film. From the images and videos I have seen, I still think Lost in the Moonlight looks like it wil be a fantastical journey through a magical land, and I want to give it the chance to prove the critics wrong and support what Director Kim has claimed.  
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Do you think the film is copying Studio Ghibli?
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  1. Can't wait to watch and compare the two!

  2. i say; "those who say the "Lost In the Moonlight" movie are ripped off Spirited Away, should be ashamed and watch the movie first before they give negative allegations.

    The spirited away and Lost in the moonlight are total diffrent. And Director Kim Hyun Joo have nothing to be ashamed of!

    And "I Love The Move!"XD!

    I hope it will transfer korean langue into english and japanese so that other can understan how wonderful the movie is!

    This is a advice from me to you -> Director Kim Hyun Joo!
    from a woman, from Sweden!

  3. Please provide english sub with this movie.