August 17, 2016

Uncontrollably Fond 함부로 애틋하게 2016- Korea EP. 5 Review

"I just want to say, I like you, I love you"  Kim Woo Bin, Do you know
Uncontrollably Fond Ep 5

This episode solidified my feelings for this drama. I was on the fence the last episode but I finally made a decision. Want to know what I think? Is this drama worthy to binge watch? See below:


Episode 5 begins with the last scene of Episode 4 - Shin Joon asking No Eul to date him for 3 months and No Eul looking shocked. The producer tries to brush it off as Shin Joon is joking but Shin Joon says he isn’t. No Eul just stares before finally saying that she’d be crazy if she didn’t want to date him. That they can announce it on social media - I sense a lot of sarcasm here.shin Joon smiles and shakes his head.

Cut to No Eul with her face in a bowl and Ji Tae coming in. She says she caused trouble and will probably get fired. BEcause she treated what he said seriously as a joke. No Eul yells at the restaurant lady who hits her with a spoon. Ji Tae dabs her face which is covered in water. He tells her it’s for the best and to go back into investigative reporting, that he’ll help her find a job. To which No Eul says how as he is unemployed as well. She says it would be better to work for him and why can’t she fill the place of his wife.

We see Shin Joon in his closet with his manager telling him that No Eul will be replaced. The manager rants off until Shin Joon looks at him and says that he will not do the documentary unless No Eul is the PD and to re-hire her or he’ll have to find a new cash cow for his company.

No Eul and Ji Tae are drinking. No Eul says she will take back her proposal and why doesn’t he say he doesn’t want her to be his wife. No Eul takes a shot and gets up and leaves because Ji Tae doesn’t say anything. Ji Tae keeps drinking and asks if the restaurant owner thinks he’s better than No Eul. She says of course even if he is unemployed. He replies that he doesn’t deserve to have her and is why he can’t answer her. No Eul’s phone leaves and Ji Tae gets up to give it to her.

Ji Tae answers and it’s Shin Joon, who asks why he is answering her phone. They go back and forward until Ji Tae says his name on her phone is Assshole. Shin Joon asks if this is her husband. No Eul comes back and takes the phone from Ji Tae. Shin Joon hangs up and throws his ear-piece. Ji Tae calls and looks at his name on her phone Nampyeon (Husband). She says it’s because he is never on her side when she gets into a fight with someone - Nam = other people, pyeon = side. How cute. She grabs her phone and turns to leave but Ji Tae stops her and says she’ll meet a good person who will love her and have her best interest in heart. No Eul calls him cruel and says he should just reject her and says she is cutting ties with him.

No Eul texts Shin Joon and then deletes it. She sees Shin Joon’s car and peeks in. Shin Joon rolls down the window and asks her why she is living with Ha Ri and not her husband. No Eul replies with what crazy guy would marry a bum and poor person like her. She says she has no husband, kids, place to live, money or pride and she says because he got her fired she will continue to not have these things. He just smiles. No Eu get’s a phone call asking for her to come back and that Shin Joon wouldn’t work with anyone but her. She runs to his car and he drives off.

Back to Shin Joon’s house. For some reason he is sleeping on the floor. He gets ready, plays with Pororo and plays video games. We see No Eul feeding her brother. They joke around about her following him around with a bowl of rice and he says sure why not come to school with him too. He says that Shin Joon’s fans are all psychos and does she really want to work with Shin Joon. Jik gets an email from the head of the fan club and shows it to No Eul.

We see No Eul texting the girl on Jik’s phone. She calls Jik, who doesn’t answer, and screams in the store that she is in when he doesn’t answer. Jik tells No Eul not to fall for Shin Joon. He warns her not to misunderstand something he says because she will end up hurt. He asks her about being with Ji Tae.

Ji Tae is getting ready and he flashes back to his conversation with No Eul. He smiles and then tells himself to get it together but can’t help smiling. Ji Tae’s dad is looking for him  and they end up playing a game together. Ha Ru comes in and says she was getting ready for Shin Joon’s concert. Ji Tae says shouldn’t she be studying. When she keeps going on, Ji Tae scolds her harshly. She yells at him back to which her dad says to not speak to her brother that way. Ji Tae apologizes to his dad. The prosecutor says he used to worry about him because he never got angry but that now he realizes that he is fine because he knows how to get angry.

Shin Joon is at his mother’s house again. He invites her and his Uncle to his concert tonight and says it is her last chance to see him. She rips up the tickets and he runs after her and says it’s her last chance to see him looking so cool. She tells him thanks for giving her such great news. She yells at him for calling her mom because he never treated him like his mother. He tells her that if a guy like him became a prosecutor, people like her would have to emigrate. He tells her he will leave the seats open and she says wait until you die, I still won’t come. Oh little does she know.

We see No Eul with her camera at the concert. She records he walk and the people around her. Ji Tae is in the background watching her. Ha Ru is freaking out because she is upset about her brother. Her dad shows up and says it is only natural that family members would worry about each other and yell at them.

Shin Joon is looking super cool rocking out. No Eul is recording him. We pan to the open VIP seats - I guess his mom didn’t come. Shin Joon has sunglasses on but it looks like he is looking at her. No Eul is just staring at SHin Joon and the sound gets muffled. She puts the camera down and gets some water, he notices she isn’t there and smiles when he sees her come back. The prosecutor leaves and remembers Shin Joon when he was young. He says to the poster, I won't be seeing you in the prosecutor’s office.

We see the prosecutor’s wife on the phone asking for her husband. She  asks why he went to Shin Joon’s concert. She looks shocked - I think she knows Shin Joon is his son. She throws everything off of the table. Cut to Shin Joon’s mother’s restaurant. One of the staff is watching Shin Joon’s concert live on his phone. The Uncle comes back and hands an envelope to his sister. It’s full of money that Gook Young borrowed from Shin Joon. He says it feels good to have that burden off his chest. He says his son wasn’t the only reason Shin Joon quit law school. Something happened first, then his son, and then something else happened.

Shin Joon comes back from singing. No Eul comes in with the camera and asks him a question. Shin Joon asks who picked up her phone last night. She avoids the question and he says it’s your boyfriend right and how long she has been dating him. She finally breaks and says he isn’t her boyfriend. Ji Tae is at the concert watching No Eul and Shin Joon. I feel like all of Shin Joon’s songs are about No Eul. The lights that are on Shin Joon go dark and a message pops up the says the girl that I love is here tonight. He is carrying a stuffed animal. Thee message continues and says I’m trying to muster the courage tonight.

The screen falls to a live orchestra behind him. No Wul keeps looking at the stuffed animal and Shin Joon walks off the stage. We see the camera fall and then everyone’s shocked faces as he grabs No Eul and drags her on stage. (My heart is seriously pounding right now ekk, oh the feels) The Stage lifts him and No Eul up and all his fans (plus Ji Tae) are at a loss. He keeps singing, I like you, I love you and hands her the bear. It’s the same from their “100 Day Anniversary”.

She just stands there, and he is singing and she is staring. TAKE THE DAMN BEAR NO EUL. Ji Tae walks away. One of the fans hands the phone to Ha Ru. It’s a picture of No Eul and Shin Joon when he first gave her the bear. The article popped up as soon as he pulled No Eul on stage.

Shin Joon is in the corner with a towel over his face. His manager’s all like he got rejected in front of all of his fans and now he is depressed. They start reading off the comments and they are super harsh - of course because people are CRAZY. It’s about how No Eul stole her best friend’s boyfriend. Shin Joon asks who wrote that. They keep reading off more - Shin Joon has a knowing look on his face. Is it his mother? He takes the worker’s phone, says to screenshot all of the faces and report to the police. He wants to meet the people spreading these rumors face to face. They say that’s not the problem. The problem is all her private info is out and she may be in danger.

No Eul is in the bathroom, right next to Ha Ru. Everyone is looking at her and talking about her. Ha Ru is staring at her and calls her a bitch.  She splashes water on her and calls her a gold digger. She says the proposal event was just a sham that it wasn’t real. Just part of the show.

A TV crew corners her outside the bathroom. They tell her congratulations and that they heard they dated in high school. She says the internet is full of stories of them. Ji Tae comes up and blocks the camera saying this is a violation of human rights. He grabs No Eul and drags her away. They stop when they see Shin Joon. Ji Tae and Shin Joon have a showdown with the camera crew in the background. He looks at their hands and he asks if he is the husband.

Shin Joon does to take No Eul’s hand and Ji Tae blocks him. He says they are being recorded and everyone will think it is real. He says it doesn’t matter. It’s only a matter of time before people dig up dirt on someone who is on camera. They recognize Shin Joon and run over with the camera. Ji Tae pulls his hat down and lets go of No Eul. Shin Joon takes No Eul’s hand and walks off.



(No Spoilers)

I feel like my heart is popping out of my chest. Oh the feels in this episode!!! I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I don’t think I can write a good review about the camera angles and what-not because I was so wrapped up in the plot line. Okay, this drama is good. I can finally say that after 5 episodes. It is worth the watch. If you are looking for a good romantic drama with some witty banter and cute scenes this is it. Drop everything you are doing and binge watch.

I am seriously impressed with this drama. The acting is superb. The plotline is one for the books. The music is amazing. At least for now. We’ll see if it continues.


Pretty sure I was about to scream at the screen when Shin Joon handed No Eul the bear.(I was screaming in my head, TAKE THE DAMN BEAR. If you read the summary it’s in there lol) So cute, I can’t believe he still had the same bear. Oh the feels. My heart starts beating super fast when I think about it. I’m curious to see what is going to happen with Ha Ru and Ji Tae. No Eul may realize that Ji Tae is hiding something. At the very least, she will realize she cannot rely on him anymore.

Ji Tae, although he likes No Eul, is not ready to sacrifice himself for her yet. I think he is so afraid of the repercussions of No Eul realizing that he was lying to him are so great. He may think she will say this is an unforgivable offense. It kind of is but if No Eul can accept Shin Joon, she can accept Ji Tae. Maybe. I may have too much faith in her character. I guess we'll find out.

Shin Joon on the other hand has no issue with putting himself (or No Eul for that matter) at risk. He is willing to throw everything aside for No Eul. This could be his personality or the fact that he is dying. I think it is a combination of both. Although it is an issue that Shin Joon has no issues putting No Eul at risk, but at least he is doing something. I am a little biased because I prefer No Eul and Shin Joon as a couple than No Eul and Ji Tae.

Burning Questions:

WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT?!?!?! Will Shin Joon’s  mother ever find out he’s dying? Will No Eul learn that Shin Joon is dying? I NEED TO KNOW PEOPLE.

Star of this Episode:

I hate to do it again, but Shin Joon. He is surpassing my expectations of the main character - I guess I just really like arrogant guys. I think Shin Joon, although selfish, is romantic. He wants No Eul so he is fighting for her. I like a character that goes after what he wants. Good for you Shin Joon. It makes me sad that you are dying. DON’T DIE!


Do You Know by Kim Woo Bin

This song just hits me right in the feels ya’ll.


Shin Joon and No Eul are going to get together. That is all I have this time. I cannot bring myself to make any other predictions.

What did you think of Episode 5? Is your heart racing like mine is? Leave your thoughts below in the comments :)

See you for Episode 6!!!

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