August 9, 2016

Uncontrollably Fond 함부로 애틋하게 2016- Korea EP. 4 Review

Let’s say I’ll really die in three months and have a really passionate romance for those three months.


Episode 4 begins where we left off with Shin Joon looking for No Eul on the bridge. Apparently there was a couple taking pictures under the bridge and that is why she was leaning over. They are a movie star couple.

Shin Joon agrees to do the documentary.

Flashback to No Eu’s heart stopping. They get it beating again. The Doctor comes out and says she’s stable and is not going to die as Shin Joon begins to cry. Shin Joon is at his advisers office dropping out of school. He says if he were to become a prosecutor there would be no hope for this country.

Back to present. No Eul has her hair full of curlers and her makeup done. They are discussing her makeup and she starts to wipe it off since she doesn’t want to seduce Shin Joon. The makeup artist says Shin Joon is way out of her league and there are plenty of rich pretty girls around him, but she doesn’t want her to look pathetic around him.

There’s a really awesome shirtless scene of Shin Joon - Dies - and he gets ready, putting lots of thought into what he’s wearing. The manager says No Eul is there looking ridiculous - I think she looks pretty.

Shin Joon just stares at her on the security camera and asks his manager to bring Pororo. No Eul is taking selfies and looking all cute and funny. Her stylist comes up and says she brought real earrings because she felt bad for making her wear fakes and that Shin Joon would be able to tell. No Eul says it doesn’t matter because he is going to torment her anyway and that he has a bad temper - not realizing he can hear her.

Shin Joon is still listening as they talk about her committing suicide. She says she wasn’t faking it and would never commit suicide and leave her brother behind. Well, Shin Joon looks mad now. Though he was the one who misunderstood. He lets her stay out in the cold until she finally calls his manager.

No Eul bangs on the door asking him to let her in. He opens the door just as she is about to kick it and falls into his arms. Shin Joon says he is not going to do the documentary because she deceived him. She says he’s the one who misunderstood. He replies that she should’ve cleared it up. He then calls his dog to go on a walk. She tells him that she lost a good deal of money for not being able to take the picture. He says he will deposit double in her bank account. She tells him to give her 100 million. He’s all like that’s all? I could give you everything I have - ah he must be thinking about dying again.

He acts all snotty and says how could you only ask for 100 million?! She replies that it must be so great to be rich when she is barely getting by and that he must be so happy. She kicks him and Pororo runs at her and knocks her over. I guess she got knocked out because the next scene he is carrying her over his shoulder. He dumps her on the couch and says it’s all an act. The manager doesn’t believe she is faking it.

The manager calls Shin Joon over because he doesn’t believe she is faking it. She is breathing heavy and has scratches. Shin Joon says to call the doctor. They put her on a drip because she has a severe dog allergy. Shin Joon thanks him for coming over and he says to give him an autograph for his daughter.  Next we see him tying up Pororo thanking him and scolding him. Poor Pororo :(

Her phone is ringing and it says ‘Hubby’. Shin Joon looks shocked, it’s Ji Tae. He found a place for her and her brother for free to stay in. Her brother doesn’t want to live there because of how his sister acts and doesn’t want anything for free. The brother gives his bonus for tutoring to buy a new jacket. He says he wants him to be his brother in law but that his sister only likes rich guys and he is poor just like them. So buy new clothes and knock his sister off her feet.

Ji Tae gets a call and next we see him all fancy and clean with a driver and all. He goes home to the prosecutor’s house. Jung Eun cooked all this food for them. Ha Ru doesn’t really like Jung Eun.  Ha Ru is talking to her father saying there’s no way she can be that perfect. She must be an alien. Ji Tae grabs his sister and scares her. Apparently it’s there grandfather’s ancestral rights.

Ji tae has a flashback to asking his parents to cancel the engagement because he doesn't like Jung Eun. His parents ask if he is dating someone else and he says no. Marriage is a lifetime commitment and he doesn't want to commit if he doesn't love someone. His father says he will break the engagement and that he would never use his son to fulfill his own dreams.

Back to present. Ji Tae walks up to Jung Eun and gives her a back massage. She asks him for a kiss. He doesn’t give it. She tells him that he is only being nice to her because their parents told them and that he doesn’t even love her. Her pride is hurt. Ji Tae grabs her and says let's get married. She asks him if he loves her? He says that as long as she is committed to him, he will never leave her. She says she will love him more just to compensate for that and kisses him - he looks pissed. What is he planning.

Shin Joon is sleeping against the bed and almost falls over. He looks and sees the No Eul is gone. She is downstairs eating Ramen. She says she will pay them back for the ramen. He asks if fainting is her trademark. She says she has a weak immune system due to a car accident and three surgeries. She asks him for rice. They look like a married couple in the kitchen.

She asks him about the money and the car/house/building and that he would give her anything. He asks her what she wants. She asks for 100 million and says that’s too much. She keeps dropping the price and his facial expression is hard to read. Anger? Disgust? She says she will never appear before him again. She asks him for a loan and he says he can’t. He says let’s do the documentary. He doesn’t believe him so he calls his manager to do the contract.

Back to Ji Tae, No Eul sent him a coupon for sneakers.He calls her and asks what it’s for. She says it’s a thank you and that she’ll be doing a documentary with  Shin Joon. Ji Tae’s face falls. He is quiet and she realizes it’s past 3 am. She wishes him goodnight and kisses the phone. Oh Ji Tae.

Back to Shin Joon making a dog house for Pororo. He asks him if he’s mad at him? He tells him that it’s not for long and to think of it as a nice vacation home until the documentary is over. He asks the cleaner to clean all of Pororo’s fur, he tells her that someone is really allergic. He tells her never mind and the next scenes are him cleaning the house in detail. AW I wish someone loved me as much as he loves No Eul, so sweet.

No Eul is with her old boss that fired her, he is trying to bribe her with food and milk tea. He asks her to come back to work. She realizes that he has heard about the documentary and acts all aloof. He says he will pay her double. He says he will hire her as a real employee and give her insurance. A phone call interrupts and it is the Section Chief. Pan to the Section Chief who is...dun dun dahhhh Ji Tae?! Apparently there is a deal if he convinces her to come on as a full employee.

The manager is at Shin Joon’s house and he changed the carpets and brought in flowers. They asks where he is and he is in the bathroom throwing up. He looks like he is in a lot of pain. He crawls into the shower. What is his disease? He remembers his promise to God about saving No Eul and that he would give up all of his happiness to save her.

No Eul says she isn’t going to work at this company. She thanks her old boss and goes to leave. She says she can’t betray Shin Joon,. Ji Tae hears the news. Flashback to when No Eul threatened the prosecutor and Shin Joon heard. Ji Tae hears as well and was bringing her a fruit basket. Ji Tae sees Shin Joon watching No Eul and him taking the motorcycle, stealing her purse, and her getting hit by a car. He watches her brother and friend cry and sees a devastated Shin Joon.

Shin Joon leaves his phone and Ji Tae picks it up. He sees the picture of Shin Joon and his mother. He takes the phone and has someone look into Shin Joon. Back to present, we see Ji Tae taking out a picture of his dad and Shin Joon’s mother. We hear the past investigator explaining the Shin Joon is Ji Tae’s father’s son - so his half brother.

To Shin Joon with his doctor. He asks how long he has left. The doctor says they can do chemo and Shin Joon says that he’ll die anyway. The doctor tells him that it can lengthen the time he has left. Shin Joon says he doesn’t need that and to write prescriptions for pain meds. He passes the prosecutor's wife in the hospital who recognizes him.

Shin Joon calls his mother who doesn’t answer. She says she will call him back after her meeting. He knows she won’t. They are writing online about Shin Joon - I think she is trying to get him out of the business. The mother says he should retire.Turns out she is mad because he dropped out and didn’t talk it over with him. The uncle says is she really caring about the prosecutor? He wouldn’t care if Shin joon became a prosecutor and wouldn’t congratulate her and leave his current family. She tells her brother that Shin Joon became a celebrity because his son got into trouble and Shin Joon took a signing bonus to help out. He didn’t want to become a celebrity.

Shin Joon knows his mother writes bad comments about him and he doesn't sue because he is afraid it might be her. Next we see a group of crazy fans obsessing over Shin Joon and the nasty comments about him. They find out the person doing the documentary is No Eul. Her brother overhears that they are going to dig up information on her. He walks over and says that he knows her and to leave their phone number and he will call. Turns out the head is Ha Ru - Shin Joon’s sister.

We see No Eul doing a presentation for Shin Joon. Turns out the documentary is for kids to show them how to live life - since they have a high rate of suicide. Shin Joon tells her to stop and explain in simple terms. She explains it and Shin Joon says they didn’t explain the concept to him. We see him in the bathroom again. All of staff are saying it is over and to pack everything up.

Shin Joon comes out and says lets start filming. No Eul asks Shin Joon what’s on his bucket list. He doesn’t answer. She rephrases the sentence and says, Let’s say you’ll die in a year (he is,actually sooner. Stab my heart right now), what’s the first thing you’d want to do? Go somewhere special or see a certain someone? Don’t you have anything you like? You’ll die in a year. You only have one year.

Shin Joon says a year is too long. He says let’s say I only had three months. He said he would live recklessly. Take down all of the bastards that looked down on him and kill everyone that I don’t live very much. He says he’d go to clubs and seduce women

No Eul asks if this is a joke. He replies that he’s not joking and is being honest. He asks her if she would go out with him. That if he’ll really die in three months and have a really passionate romance for those three months.



Well now I am hungry and want ramen. Watching this show is going to make me fat because of all of the delicious food they have. So, Ji Tae still lives with his father and is actually rich. I wonder how pissed No Eul is going to be when she finds out - super. Probably even more pissed when she realizes who his appa is. I wonder what she’s going to do if she finds out that the prosecutor is Shin Joon’s appa as well.

It’s interesting because we have two brothers vying for the same women. One who knows that his brother is interested in the same girl and knows that he is his brother and the other oblivious. Seems a bit unfair. This drama gets more and more tangled as we get into the series.

I like the flashbacks but they have been really frequent in this series. I want to know what happened in the past so we can move on a focus on the current timeline. The flashbacks are getting a bit worn on me here. They are interesting and well placed but are becoming overused and hence a burden to the storyline. I hope they can hash out everything from the past soon or at least talking about the past in the current storyline. We’re in Episode 4, it’s time to move on.

I find it incredibly funny that Shin Joon’s half-sister, Ha Ru is obsessed with Shin Joon. It’ll be really funny when she finds out that SHin joon is her brother - if she ever finds out, but this is Kdrama. She’s going to find out. I hope she doesn't damage No Eul too much with the background check and the fact that her brother is offering to help can go one of two ways. Either he will tell them to back off or give them false info, or he will spill all to hurt his sister. He really dislikes the person his sister has become - even though it’s partially for him - and resents her for it. I hope this resentment doesn’t grow and become harmful to both him and his sister. Enough family relations have been broken in this storyline.

There’s a lot going on in this drama and you really need to pay attention to the storyline to catch it all. I’m curious to see what No Eul says to Shin Joon’s proposal.

Burning Questions:

Why did Ji Tae ask Jung Eun to marry him? Is he trying to get her to reveal the truth? Will No Eul say yes to Shin Joon’s proposal? What kind of trouble did Shin Joon’s cousin get into? Is the car accident and surgeries that No Eul had from when she got hit?  What does Ji Tae have planned? What does No Eul’s brother have planned? When will Shin Joon tell his mother he is dying?

Star of this Episode:

Ji Tae, the secretive guy. His double life is going to catch up to him. I’m super curious to see what he has planned plus he looks so good all dressed up and clean cut. I’m not sure if he loves No Eul, feels sorry for what his father and future wife did, or feels a brotherly love for her. I guess we'll find out but I have have a feeling he does love her.


Don’t Push Me by Wendy & Seulgi.

Golden Love by Midnight Youth.

Why are all the songs they use so catchy?


I have a feeling that Shin Joon may offer No Eul money to date him and she will accept. I don’t know how or when but No Eul is going to find out Shin Joon is dying.  I really don’t have anymore because I feel like it’s pretty predictable what’s going to happen next. They’ll date and she’ll find out he’s dying but I don’t know what elses there will be. I feel like the writers have a few more surprises in store. Maybe No Eul will be the one who ends up dying?

For those who made it this far, here is another shirtless Kim Woo Bin for you to fangirl over.

What did you think of Episode 4 of Uncontrollably Fond? Do you think No Eul will say yes to Shin Joon’s proposal? Leave your thoughts below in the comments :)

See you for Episode 5!!

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