March 26, 2016

Click Your Heart Story A1 & A2 Review 2016- South Korea

Today we are reviewing "EP 4-5" or Story A1 and A2 of the choose-your-own storyline drama, Click Your Heart, exclusively airing on DramaFever. If you have yet to do so, check out our review on the Prologue episode that aired yesterday HERE and Story A and B HERE

Episode Guide 
Episode 1: Prologue: Ro Woon vs Cha Ni 
Episode 2: Story A: Ro Woon vs Da Won 
Episode 3: Story B: Cha Ni vs Ju Ho 
Episode 4: Story A1: Ro Woon 
Episode 5: Story A2: Da Won 

Episode 6: Story B1: Ju Ho 
Episode 7: Story B2: Cha Ni

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If you chose Story A "Go to Ro Woon", this is the review for you! If you chose Story B, don't fret! We will be uploading our review for Story B1 and B2 tomorrow, so make sure to subscribe here and check back then!

Did you decide to pick Ro Woon over Da Won? Then this is the right review for you! As the previous episode left off, Min-Ah is faced with answering Ro Woon's question about her relationship with Da Won. 

With this option, she replies that she doesn't know, that she is confused over why they are fighting over her. Ro Woon takes it upon himself to try to make her less confused by trying to go in for a kiss, but Min-Ah pushes him away. She walks away angrily, leaving the two boys to each other. 

After the confrontation, Ro Woon goes back to the batting ring to blow off some steam. We see a flashback that shows that when he had previously taken Min-Ah to the batting cage, he had procceeded to ask her out. Once again, she denied to answer him. We are then shown a parallel scene of Min-Ah at her house. She too is stressed and confused about what happened between them earlier that day.  
Soon after, Ro Woon is attending his baseball practice. Obviously still upset from the conversation between the three, his anger is evident. He also begins to have strange hallucinations of Min-Ah. First she appears behind the catcher, other times running around in the outfield. It is a very funny scene, and Ro Woon being frustrated is cute. 
In the next scene, Min-Ah is taking Ro Woon's photo for the interview she had conducted. Even though Ro Woon tried talking to Min-Ah, it isn't until he gets hit in the head with a soccer ball, and has to approach her, does she finally speak to him. Min-Ah explains she doesn't want to be rushed into anything and that she needs time to figure out her feelings before running away. 
Ro Woon then calls Min-Ah and tells her to meet him the next morning before he leaves for an away baseball game. Due to his baseball superstitions, Min-Ah feels obligated to meet him. Once they meet, Ro Woon says he will win the game, and when he does, they will date when she comes back. This scene would be super adorable, if Min-Ah didn't look like she was about to burst into tears at any moment. 
The next scene is Min-Ah in class. Everyone is secretly watching the baseball game scores on their phone. In this funny scene, upon their school winning the game, Min-Ah jumps up excitedly, forgetting that she is in class. Moments later, Ro Woon face times her in class, and the teacher joins in. It is such a cute ending, though I wish they could have kissed.

What did you think of this ending? Were you happy with your choice? Let us know in the comments below!

Did you decide to pick Da Won over Ro Woon? Then this is the right review for you! As the previous episode left off, Min-Ah is faced with answering Ro Woon's question about her relationship with Da Won. 

With this option, Min-Ah responds to Ro Woon's question stating that Da Won is just a friend. Ro Woon pushes the question further, ending with a similar response seen from Min-Ah in Story A1. She ends up frustrated and angry that the two are arguing over who she should like. She ends up running away from the two boys who are left on the field. 

Min-Ah is then shown at home, when she begins to look at old photos of her and Da Won. She thinks back to when they were children, and then her mind drifts off to what she overheard Da Won say to Ro Woon about liking her, as well as what he had said to her at the park as well. She clearly feels confusion about her feelings and decides to ask Da Won to go to the playground with her. 
While at the park, they end up discussing what Da Won had said. He ends up telling her something super sweet, that he can go on being just her friend, but he can't pretend to not like her. Of course, Min-Ah doesn't respond the way he wants, and he ends up leaving her in the park alone. 

The next day at school, Min-Ah feels that Da Won is ignoring her. During their radio club, Min-Ah leaves after possibly feeling jealous of Da Won talking to another girl. The continue running the radio show, and Da Won's friend reads a story about two friends, which just so happens to have been written by Da Won. As it is broadcasted through out the school, Da Won becomes embarrassed from this accident. 

At the end of the school day, it begins to rain and Min-Ah is without an umbrella. Thankfully, super sweet Da Won saves the day and ends up leaving her his umbrella. Before she can thank him or give it back, he leaves the school. 

 In the final scene, Min-Ah ends up helping Da Won with the radio show because he caught a cold from the rain. The two begin talking after they send the show off to music,however, little do they know that their mics are still on and are broadcasting through out the school. Min-Ah begins questioning Da Won's feelings, reciting what he had said to her at the playground. She slyly confesses her feelings for hims as well. Da Won does the signature Kdram move, the grab and hug, and the show ends with them embracing. So Sweet!

What did you think of this ending? Were you happy with your choice? Let us know in the comments below!

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